Malayoram coconut Oil

KM’s Malayoram coconut Oil is processed from fresh coconuts. We adopt a unique off-farm processing method, which is free from fungus, smoke and sulphur treatment. The dried coconut used is selected with utmost care to ensure superior quality. We produce clear filtered coconut oil from dried copra retaining all its natural goodness and freshness


Malayoram coconut oil is rich in fatty acids and can have profound positive effects on health. The Lauric Acid in Coconut Oil Can Kill Bacteria, Viruses and Fungi, Helping to Stave Off Infections Coconut Oil Can Improve Blood Cholesterol Levels and May Lower Your Risk of Heart Disease It Can Protect Hair against Damage, Moisturize Skin and Function as Sunscreen The fatty acids in coconut oil can boost brain functions in Alzheimer’s Patients.


Coconut oil processing

The oil extraction technology undergoes the following steps: Coconut oil processing

1.Dry Processing
Fresh coconut is converted to good quality copra through hot air drier, which retains freshness and colour. So the dried coconut (Copra) is free from smoke and Sulphur.

Dried Coconut is broken into fine size particles to ensure full crushing.

3.Oil extraction
In the expeller, the oil from dried copra is extracted through cold process. This helps to retain the natural colour, aroma and freshness.

The oil extracted in the expeller flows into the sedimentation tank to remove entrained foots from the oil. After sedimentation process the oil is transferred to filteration unit.

The oil is first passed through a high pressure heavy duty filter press to further remove the solids in the oil. This is again filtered through a gravity filter to ensure even the finest particles are removed. The filtered oil flows into a surge tank from where it is finally pumped to the storage tank.

KM Oil is hygienically packed, periodically tested and monitored to ensure supreme quality.