Copra is the dried meat, or dried kernel, of the coconut used to extract coconut oil. Coconut oil is extracted from it and this has made copra an important agricultural commodity for many coconut-producing countries. It also yields coconut cake, which is mainly used as feed for livestock.


The copra is cut into chunks and run through the press to shred the copra pieces. Repeating this process turns the shredded coconut into a buttery consistency. This is called coconut butter and is used as a vegan butter replacing the regular dairy butter.

It is also used in baking and in the preparation of desserts and sorbetsnk.


Coconut Oil

The copra that is cut into chunks and sent through a press is processed to form the coconut butter. Repeating this process helps to extract the oil from the butter. This oil is called virgin coconut oil and is used for cooking and in the manufacture of several cosmetics. Tender coconut supplier firms from India supply good tender coconuts which are used to extract virgin coconut oil.

Copra Meal

After extracting coconut oil, the leftover residue of the copra or coconut butter is called as the copra meal or copra cake. Dry coconut suppliers also sell copra meal which is used as a quality feed for cattle. This desiccated coconut waste is an effective by-product of copra and is used as a nutritious fodder for livestock. The advantage of using copra meal as animal feed is that it is abundant and cheap. Copra has high protein content and is used as a primary product in horse feed. It improves the skin texture in horses, conditions the body and improves the shiny coat on the skin of horses.

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