1. How is Malayoram Coconut oil extracted / manufactured?
Malayoram Coconut Oil is extracted from fresh coconut without applying heat and by minimizing the moisture content. This oil is then filtered.

2. Can Malayoram Coconut Oil be used for cooking?
Yes, it can be used for cooking.

3. Is Malayoram Coconut Oil healthy?
Malayoram Coconut Oil is abundant in vitamins, minerals and ANTIOXIDANTS, thus making it the 'mother of all oils'. Virgin Coconut Oil also possesses antibacterial properties which can be very beneficial to our health.

4. Does Malayoram Coconut Oil have any medicinal effect?
The Medium Chain Fatty Acid present in the oil supports proper immune system function, weight loss, thyroid functions and helps in resisting illness. It helps in increasing HDL.

5. Can diabetic patients consume Virgin Coconut Oil?
Malayoram Coconut Oil is the only fat that diabetic patients can INCLUDE IN THEIR DIET without fear, as it regulates blood sugar and controls or reduces EFFECTS OF THE DISEASE.

6. What are the benefits of Malayoram Coconut Oil?

  • 1. Malayoram Coconut Oil is rich in natural vitamins C and E, which keep the skin smooth and beautiful and thus helps slow down skin ageing.
  • 2. It protects the skin from infections caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi, prevents dandruff and hair loss.
  • 3. It is highly recommended for massaging, especially for infants as it helps in keeping skin moisturized and soft.
  • 4. This oil is well known for its high saturated fat content, so naturally, it is free of cholesterol. Continued intake has been shown to minimize cardiac problems and even prevent cardiac arrest.
  • 5. It is the only fat that diabetic patients can include in their diet without fear because it regulates blood sugar and controls or reduces effects of the disease.
  • 6. It is highly rich in lauric acid (found in breast milk) and provides better immunity against bacterial, fungal and viral infections.
  • 7. The Medium Chain Fatty Acid in this oil supports proper immune system function, weight loss, and thyroid function and has high medicinal effect in resisting illness.

7. Are all natural coconut oils malayoram oils?
Coconut oil extracted from copra (dried coconut) is natural and edible too but it's not Virgin Coconut Oil. Coconut oil which is extracted from fresh coconut under cold press (without applying heat) is the only one that qualifies as malayoram Coconut Oil (VCO).

8. How do you distinguish malayoram or Coconut Oil from any other oils?
In texture and viscosity, malayoram Coconut Oil is one of the lightest oils. It absorbs quickly, leaving no oily after-feel. It retains a light, sweet coconut taste and natural aroma, melts easily and quickly upon touch. It is colourless and clear when melted. It has a longer shelf life than refined coconut oil.

9. How we are maintain quality of our product?
Malayoram coconut oil is processed from fresh coconuts. The SIVP (Steam Injected Vacuumed Process) technology with which malayoram coconut oil is made makes it 100% pure and healthy This preserves all the natural goodness of this oil, including a high content of vitamin-E and minerals.