About US

Our company KM Industries located in kannur,we are supported by a team of employees who always aim for the growth of our company.Under the able and determined leadership of its Chairman, KM has quickly earned the reputation of a company that is always on the lookout for opportunities and growth prospects, both for its employees and the society at large. Our core values of integrity, trust, performance and environment form the basis of the KM business principles & strategy.KM’s edible coconut oil business had started under the leadership of its founder under whom the company grown as a successful firm. Ever since, the sole objective of KM industries Ltd. has been to fill the gap of an underserved market, something it passionately pursues even today.


KM’s general business principles are built around honesty, integrity and respect for people both inside and outside the organization.

Every associate at KM embodies these values. This is of epic importance to us, since we at KM industries believe that it is the people who bring these values to the organization and not the other way around. Throughout our history we have tried to maintain these ethics and they form the whole skeleton around which we have woven our growth story.



KM oil Industries, was started in year. KM oil Industry. is always committed to quality and integrity, and that’s what reflects in our products that never fail to delight our customers. With a single goal of offering our customers a superior range of products that they can choose as per their needs. In that quest, we have broadened our business horizons by introducing sunflower oil and palmolein oil together with coconut oil.

Despite the considerable success the company has achieved, it continues to invest substantial resources in exploring and adopting the latest technological advancements in their chosen field.

The Manufacturing facility comprises an integrated, continuous plant. All the packaging is done in-house. In fact the Company has gone in for backward integration, by manufacturing its own packs. This works out to be very cost-effective, and also retains the quality of the product. The products are lab-tested at every stage, staring with the raw material, and ending with final packaging.

With the immense experience of the KM group, KM oil has earned a solid reputation for its vision, entrepreneurial spirit and competitive edge.

Director's message

Our Long awaited dream for the integration of oil refining realized on year.

Since our founding in year, KM has been a company looking to bank upon latest growth opportunities, to improve operational efficiency and to expand its national presence. We at KM are proud of our mission to provide products that help make people’s lives better, healthier and superior. KM’s strength lies in its grit, determination & highly efficient pool of managers, employees and dealers. The company has shown tremendous growth since its inception in terms of turnover. This clearly depicts the inner strength, capability and efficiency of the company.

Having registered hugely successful numbers last year, when market dynamics were clearly against the industry, is a testimony to KM’s growing stature.

KM has always tried to raise the bar and continues to innovate itself for the better. Going by this very ideology, our long standing dream of backward integration into oil refining will finally see the light of the day this year. One of the key drivers for this change is our mission to enhance quality in edible oil products in India. With the demand for edible oil expected to increase at the rate of 6% per annum for next 5 years, future prospects in this sector look highly promising too. I pay my heartiest wishes and compliments to this young and talented team and hope to see KM breaking new barriers and play a pivotal role in making this decade India’s decade.

KM oil Ltd.